MAWD (Medical Assistance for Workers with Disabilities)

by donnatechdesigns on August 9, 2010

Have you ever been concerned if you make too much money you would lose Medicaid benefits? Did you ever feel employers hesitated to hire you, because the employer fears your medical expenses would be greater than employees who are not disabled?

MAWD (Medical Assistance for Workers with Disabilities) may be able to help you with questions and concerns you have regarding employment and medical expenses. MAWD “lets Pennsylvanians with disabilities take a fulfilling job, earn more money and still keep their full medical coverage.”

You are able to chose and work toward the career of your choice. Once you set your goal, determine what steps need to be taken to achieve the goal. Some resources available to help you achieve your goal may include your local Careerlink, Office of Vocational Rehabilitation (OVR), and County Assistance Office. Once you achieve your goal, MAWD can help you with insurance if you meet the following eligibility guidelines:

**Between 16 and 65 years of age

**Meet Social security Administration Disability definition

**Employed and receiving Compensation

**Earn less than $46,000

**Have countable resources below $10,000

(Not including a house or car)

The premium for MAWD insurance is 5% of your countable income. MAWD insurance provides coverage in areas, which may not be covered in other insurances. These areas include glasses, dental, chiropractic and doctor visits, prescription drugs, hospitals, medical equipment and rehabilitation services.

For more information or to make application, you can call your local County Assistance Office; (DPW) Pennsylvania Department of Public Welfare by phone at 1.800.692.7462 or; or COMPASS (Commonwealth of Pennsylvania Access to Social Services) at

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